Enjoy Virtual Confections With Cadbury Australia's New Facebook Game

freidaimageAs brands foray into the world of social games, they’ll have to distinguish themselves with new gameplay that doesn’t rely solely on existing mechanics that have been beat to death. Bringing innovative gameplay to the table is Cadbury Australia with a new game called Freida Smooth Moves. The game focuses on rhythm-based mechanics in which players pull off smooth moves on the dance floor. The game is currently at 4,186 MAUs and growing. Read more after the jump.

The presentation of the game is great. After allowing access to the application, players are taken to a nicely crafted form where they can fill out their email address and have to agree to the terms of service in order to join the competition and proceed to the game. Players are then taken to a screen where they can select a pre-created avatar image or upload their own picture. Once the game begins, virtual confections drop down from the ceiling on the right side and the idea is to hit the right arrow key, depending on which section they are dropping in, as the confections are crossing the line. The music and look for the first level has a 1950s, retro-classical feel to it. The level following that has a barn yard feel and so forth.

As players cross levels, they unlock achievements and badges. The motivation is to get more badges which increase the chance to win one of five 8GB Apple iPhones. There are some social features as well which allow players to share gameplay recording with others called ‘share this move’.

As one of the largest confectionary producers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Britain, Cadbury is looking to funnel users primarily through its fan page towards the application for deeper engagement and other metrics that its management would feel that quantify success. Cadbury’s premier product is its Cadbury® Dairy Milk â„¢ milk chocolate bar and the brand wants users to smile as they eat it. For more information, check out www.cadbury.com.au.