March Was Big for Donald Trump on Twitter, Bernie Sanders on Facebook (Report)

March was a big month for presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders on Facebook and Twitter, according to Engagement Labs.

March was a big month for presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders on Facebook and Twitter, according to Engagement Labs.

The company used its eValue tool to determine that Trump overtook rival Ted Cruz on Facebook in March, and that although Hillary Clinton was still ahead of Sanders on Facebook, Twitter users were feeling the Bern, with Sanders generating more engagements, retweets, favorites and mentions per 1,000.

When ranked by eValue score, Trump, Cruz and John Kasich, respectively, made up the Republican standings on both Facebook and Twitter, while the two Democratic candidates split the social networks, with Clinton atop Facebook and Twitter favoring Sanders.

In terms of follower growth, the Republican standings were the same, but the Democrats flip-flopped, with Sanders leading on Facebook and Clinton on Twitter.

Engagement Labs CEO Bryan Segal said in a release announcing the results:

The U.S. presidential race changed significantly following Super Tuesday, which was reflected in the candidates’ performances and follower growth on social media. The Democratic Party saw Hillary Clinton win multiple states against contender Bernie Sanders, while Republican candidate Donald Trump dominated numerous primaries, which helped to eliminate candidates Marco Rubio and Ben Carson from the race. The March primaries have forced candidates to turn to social media to engage the American public and garner voter support for upcoming electoral events.

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Images courtesy of Bernie Sanders Facebook page, Donald Trump Twitter account.