eMusic Launches “Boutique Music Space”


Lest anybody forget about eMusic, the first major site to offer DRM-free music, Macworld reports that the industry’s second largest digital music seller just launched what they call a boutique music space.

The new eMusic Selects promotes unsigned or underrepresented artists that eMusic thinks are particularly worthy of note, the report said. Subscribers will be able to “download a free song, and the artists featured in the new space will agree to provide music exclusively to eMusic for 60 days.”

As the article points out, while eMusic employs a subscription model, offering users access to a fixed number of downloads per month, all of the songs are available in unencrypted MP3 format, so they can be played using any cell phone or MP3 player, including the iPhone and iPod. eMusic currently offers more than 3 million tracks from 27,000 independent record labels.

eMusic Selects features new artists [Macworld]