Emerging Top Paid iOS Apps: New Games from EA, Madfinger and Infinite Dreams

This week new games made the biggest splash on the iOS paid charts, with highly anticipated new releases from EA Sports and Madfinger Games performing strongly after their debuts. Rovio’s enduring favorite Angry Birds Rio also kept its hold on the the top of the charts thanks to new content, and two competing pseudo-security apps also did well, despite poor reviews.

New Titles on the Top iPhone Paid Apps List

Dot Lock Screen – New utility app Dot Lock Screen is the #2 top paid app this week, a simple $0.99 tool that brings the Android-style connect-the-dots-to-unlock security feature to iOS. While Dot Lock Screen doesn’t replace the iPhone lock screen, it does prompt users to enter a pattern when they wake the phone from sleep. An incorrect entry will trigger an alarm, but as many user reviews have pointed out, it’s easy to just close the app and bypass the system altogether. Dock Lock Screen was created by Entrager Media.

Lock My Screen – The second security themed app in the top 10 this week is #5 selling Lock My Screen. Also retailing for $0.99, Lock My Screen gives the illusion that a user’s phone is protected by a variety of complex security systems like voice recognition and fingerprint scanning. In reality, however, the app is just a series of wallpapers that look like complex security tools. The app is credited to developer Software devteam, a mysterious developer with little online presence. Users should be aware that the app’s support page goes to an empty page and the domain is registered in the Cayman Islands.

(Update) Angry Birds Rio – Seven months after its release, and long after the movie it was originally promoting left theatres, Angry Birds Rio is still dominating the paid iPhone charts, sitting at #9 (and #14 on iPad). Originally a tie in for Fox’s animated film Rio, Rovio’s $0.99 game has been a massive hit, keeping players engaged with frequent updates since its release. A content update on October 3rd added 15 new levels and the conclusion of the Airfield Chase level.

Fifa Soccer 12 by EA Sports – The #10 app is the latest offering from EA Sports, Fifa Soccer 12. For $4.99, players can play and manage a real-life soccer team, trading players, scouting for talent, playing matches and even completing Daily Challenge minigames to earn achievements. Fifa Soccer 12 features 22 leagues for players to master, which means choosing from one can choose from 500 licensed teams and more than 15,000 players included in the game. Fifa Soccer 12 makes use of EA’s Origin social gaming network, which we covered in July when it was announced at EA’s summer showcase. The network powers the Daily Challenges and allows players to find their Facebook and Twitter friends and challenge them for domination of the universal leaderboard.

Jelly Defense – The newest game from Polish developer Infinite Dreams is doing well following its release on September 29th. Jelly Defense is currently the #18 paid iPhone app and #2 paid iPad app. Jelly Defense is a tower defense game with a unique graphical style set in the same universe as the developer’s previous Jelly games, Jelly Chronicles and Jelly Invaders. As with any tower defense game, players must build towers and fend off waves of invaders. The game is currently sale for $0.99 as part of a launch special.

New Titles on the Top iPad Paid Apps List

(Update) World of Goo HD – Propelled upward by a weekend sale that dropped the price to $0.99 (the price is now $4.99 again), indie developer 2D Boy’s inventive, multi-award winning puzzle game World of Goo is currently the #5 app on the iPad charts. In the game, players must drag and drop blobs of adorable, curious goo, building structures and solving puzzles. The game also features a leaderboard, challenging players to build the tallest goo-based tower they can.