Emerging popular Android apps: Rage of Bahamut, Ice Age Village, Shark Dash

Once again games dominate the Android charts, with Zynga’s ultra-popular hit Draw Something leading the paid charts in the No. 1 position again. However, the biggest winner this week is DeNA, with two games making our top grossing app roundup. Its card battle game Rage of Bahamut tops the top grossing chart in the No. 1 position.

This week’s top grossing Android apps

Rage of Bahamut — DeNA’s card battle game Rage of Bahamut takes the top spot on the Android charts this week, hitting No. 1 in the U.S., Canada and many other countries. The game features hundreds of cards to collect, daily updates and quests. Players can also battle their customized decks against each other and trade cards to complete their collection. The game has been downloaded more than 100,000 times and was last updated on March 29.

Defender II — DroidHen’s free-to-play tower defense game Defender II might not be on track to replicate the success of its predecessor, but it’s still holding strong at No. 10 on the top grossing charts. The game has been downloaded more than 1 million times to date.

Ninja Royale — DeNA’s Mobage network takes another spot on our top grossing list this week, with its cartoony brawler Ninja Royale. The game is free-to-play and monetizes via in-app purchases. It includes more than 100 weapons and treasures to collect. Ninja Royale was last updated on April 26 to add a tutorial and fix a connection problem for users on the T-Mobile and Verizon networks.

Baseball Superstars 2012 — Gamevil slides into the No. 21 spot with Baseball Superstars 2012, a cartoonish game that allows players to both play and manage their own baseball team. Players can compete against the computer and other players.The free-to-play game was last updated on April 4.

Bakery Story — Team Lava’s perennially popular free-to-play game Bakery Story takes No. 22 on the top grossing Android charts this week. The game allows users to design their own bakery and manage the business. Players can also invite Facebook friends to assist them as their in-game neighbors. One of Team Lava’s most popular ‘Story’ games, Bakery Story has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

This week’s top free Android apps

Temple Run — Imangi Studios takes its iOS success to Android, with its endless running game Temple Run hitting No. 10 on the free Android charts this week. The game has now passed 10 million total downloads.

Skype — Skype takes the No. 18 spot on the free Android app charts this week. One of the most popular apps on Android, Skype has been downloaded more than 50 million times. Although the app is well reviewed, its features are not compatible with all models of Android phones — those running Android 2.2 or lower are unable to use the front facing cameras of their devices with the app.

Whack Your Boss 18+ — Moving all the way down to No. 39 we find FireTeen’s Whack Your Boss 18+. The game includes 20 office-themed fatalities using commonly found supplies like letter openers and water coolers.

Ice Age Village — Gameloft’s promotional game Ice Age Village lands at No. 44 on the free app charts this week. The game challenges players to build a village to hold the various animals from the Ice Age movies after a crack in the earth’s crust forces them to flee their homes. The game has been downloaded more than 1 million times since its release on April 5.

PicsArt – Photo Studio — Closing out our list in No. 47 is PicsArt’s PicsArt – Photo Studio. Billed as an all in one picture editor that allows users to add effects, frames, stickers, and adjust their photos, the app was last updated on April 19 to improve its Facebook integration and add new effects.

This week’s top paid Android apps

Draw Something — After many weeks of being on sale for $0.99, Zynga has finally bumped the price of the paid version of Draw Something back to $1.99, although the increase doesn’t seem to have slowed the hit game’s momentum down much. Once again, the game is the No. 1 paid Android app. The ad-free version of the game comes with 2500 words, 200 free coins and 5 free bombs.

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