Emerging Free iOS Apps: Pocket Potions, Glass Tower and Office Jerk

This week the free iOS charts saw new champions rise to take the #1 spot on both the iPhone and the iPad charts which in turn prompted lots of turnover in the rankings. While there were few repeats on either chart, iDevua Treelight’s game Glass Tower HD solidified its iPad popularity and Fluik Entertainment’s evergreen hit Office Jerk once again resurfaced on the charts.

New Titles on the iPhone Free Apps List

(Update) Office Jerk – Fluik Entertainment’s Office Jerk is back at the top of the free charts this week, thanks to a November 8th update that reduced the price of premium items by 30%. A simple game that lets players vent a little desk-related frustration by throwing objects at a digital jerk, Office Jerk keeps the gameplay interesting by adding new daily challenges and a constantly evolving lineup of ridiculous items to throw, such as beehives filled with bees. Fluik Entertainment is based in Edmonton, Canada.

Duck Hunt Crazy – Team Xtreme, also known as Chinese developer Teng Fei bags the #6 free app this week with his update on the Nintendo classic Duck Hunt. As the original game was not known for its depth, Duck Hunt Crazy solves that problem by making Duck Hunt  Crazy considerably more wacky that most people may remember. Players can now use machine guns, lightsabers and rocket launchers to take down more than 12 different kinds of ducks, and even a few non-duck creatures like Superman. Duck Hunt Crazy monetizes through the purchase of Duck Gold and was last updated on October 20th.

Asteroids Gunner – Atari has updated its classic game Asteroids again, this time with Asteroids GUNNER. The latest iteration of the franchise add more content and depth than previous versions. Players can pilot three different ships, explore 3 entirely different galaxies and unlock more than 200 different achievements in Game Center and Open Feint. Currently ranked at #9 on the free charts, Asteroids GUNNER is ad supported and also monetizes through the purchase of premium currency.

White Christmas – Chinese developer SKNETWORKS INTERNET is the first app maker to rank a type of app that will soon grow to be an avalanche in the app store listings – a Christmas themed app. White Christmas is a photo app that allows players to take pictures and add a variety of seasonal decorations to them, and then share them via Facebook.  White Christmas is currently the #11 free app in the app store.

Pocket Potions – And finally moving all the way down to the #41 spot on the free charts we have Pocket Potions, the second game released by San Francisco based Breaktime Studios. Pocket Potions is a shop sim, in the vein of titles like Bakery Story, but the twist is that in Pocket Potions, the player takes over a magical potion shop, and must not only keep the shop running, but also raise magical animals and farm the magical ingredients that are needed for the products. The game is free to play and monetizes through in-app purchases. Pocket Potions was released on November 10th.

New Titles on the iPad Free Apps List

(Update) Glass Tower HD Free – This week’s new #1 free iPad app is Glass Tower HD Free, moving up from its #5 rank last week. Released on November 3rd by Russian developer iDevua Treelight, Glass Tower HD Free is a puzzle game that comes with 75 levels of glass shattering physics puzzles that challenge the user to break blue glass cubes, but leave the red glass cubes, which are often precariously balanced on top, unbroken. The app was last updated on November 14th to address minor bug fixes.

Walmart for iPad – While an iPad may be a luxury item, even people with the expensive gadgets love a bargain, if the popularity of the Walmart’s new stand-alone shopping app, Walmart for iPad is any indication. Currently the #8 free app, Walmart for iPad allows shoppers to search, browse and even buy Walmart’s products without leaving the comfort of home. Users of the app get free shipping if they send their orders to a Walmart or a FedEx office.

Rail Maze Pro HD – German developer Spooky House Studios’ latest game Rail Maze Pro HD takes the #13 spot on the free app charts this week. A puzzle game where players must determine how to build the best route around a series of obstacles in order to get a train safely to its destination, Rail Maze Pro HD is an update on the developer’s game Rail Maze that adds more puzzles, increases the amount of game modes to five and allows players to collect extra wagons on their trains as it travels. Rail Maze Pro HD monetizes through in-app purchases.

Happy Feet Two: The Penguin App – The #29 free app this week is Happy Feet Two: The Penguin App. A promotional tie in for the upcoming Warner Bros. movie Happy Feet Two, the game is a virtual penguin that users can use touch controls to interact with, much along the same lines as Outfit7’s talking friends series. Players can tickle their penguin, give him a high five and record videos of their penguin and share them via Facebook and email. Happy Feet Two: The Penguin app was released on November 2nd.

Gadget Guide – And finally closing out the free App roundup this week is Gadget Guide, a delightfully stylish stand-alone app from iPad newspaper The Daily. If you’re stuck on what to buy for the upcoming season of gifting, the Gadget Guide acts as a curated suggestion list, showcasing over 200 products that range in price from a mere $20 to an eye popping $186,000. Gadget Guide is currently the #42 free iOS app and was released on November 9th.