Emerging Free iOS Apps: Home Runs, Family Feuds, Smart Alarms and Color Uncovered

This week’s free chart is once again mixed bag of apps and genres. While there was plenty of turnover in the charts, with new offerings from Infinity Pocket, Ludia, Podotree and Gameloft performing well, older games and utilities managed to keep  up with the times, holding on to many of the top spots on the charts.

New Titles on the iPhone Free Apps List 

(Update) Facebook Messenger – Freshly updated on October 26th, Facebook Messenger is the again  #1 free app for iPhone this week. The standalone messaging client allows Facebook users to message anyone with the app or anyone who is currently on Facebook chat. The app also allows users in supported countries to send messages to their friends via text, create group chats, turn on push notifications and send pictures and location information in messages.

Flick Home Run! – Independent developer Infinity Pocket has scored a home run this week for themselves; their October 15th released game, Flick Home Run! is sitting in the #2 spot on the free app charts. The game challenges players to hit a home run by flicking their finger the same way they would swing a baseball bat, but it also (literally) throws in some curve balls with different pitches that require the player to change up the style and timing of their flicks.  Flick Home Run! is regularly $0.99 but is free to celebrate the World Series.

Family Feud & Friends – Family Feud is now on iOS and is popular. Currently the #3 free app, Ludia’s Family Feud & Friends allows players at home to experience what it’s like to be on the long-running game show. Users can challenge their Facebook friends and other players to games, with each player trying to guess what the popular answers were in surveys that questioned 100 people. Family Feud & Friends uses Game Center to power daily high score rankings and monetizes through in-app purchases.

Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front Free+ – Released on October 24th, Gameloft’s latest game, Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front Free+ has been performing well and is currently sitting in the #9 spot on the free charts. The second iOS game Gameloft has developed for Gearbox Software’s much-beloved WWII shooter series, the officially licensed game is free-to-play and monetizes through in-app purchases.

Mission Alarm Clock: Easy – Guarantee you wake up – Moving down to #28 we have a quirky new utility from Korean developer Podotree, Mission Alarm Clock. Designed for people who need a little more engagement from their wakeup call, Mission Alarm Clock requires users to slide a lever down on a brightly animated screen before the alarm will shut off.The app also allows users make their alarms even more persistent by setting customized alarm sounds, making the snooze button only give 30 seconds of respite between alarms and setting predetermined chains of alarms. Mission Alarm Clock also comes with a cute animated table clock that displays the date and time. For users who need even more of a challenge to wake up, Podotree also makes a $0.99 version of the app that comes with additional difficulty settings that make it harder to shut off its alarms.

New Titles on the iPad Free Apps List

Color Uncovered – Education app Color Uncovered is this week’s #2 free iPad app. Developed by the Exploratorium. a museum and science center in San Francisco, Color Uncovered is an interactive book that explains the science, art and psychology of color, featuring articles, illustrations, videos and examples pulled from the exhibits at the museum. While an educational app, Color Uncovered is not designed for very young children. It is currently rated 9+ in the app store.