Emerging free iOS apps: Bag It!, Songza and Monsters Ate My Condo

This week’s free iOS charts are lead by two older apps that have seen a new surge of popularity. Hidden Variable Studios’ Bag It! takes the No. 1 spot on the iPhone charts. The puzzle game is an older paid app that has found success after dropping its original $0.99 price tag.  On the iPad charts, Songza Media’s music suggestion app Songza hits No. 1 thanks to a new media push that has reignited its popularity.

Several new apps also made strong debuts this week. Playfirst’s Mall Stars was the fastest rising app, soaring 54 spots up the ranks to hit No. 12 on the iPad charts. D3PA’s licensed tie-in for the new Madagascar movie, Madagascar — Join the Circus and Disney’s educational app Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally also did well on iPad, taking the No. 2 and No. 5 spots, respectively.

Adult Swim’s puzzle game Monsters Ate My Condo is another older app that has seen its fortunes improve, climbing to No. 10 on the iPad charts and No. 20 on the iPhone charts after going free. The game was originally released as a $0.99 paid app.

This week’s top free iPhone apps

1.Bag It!1=
2.Parking Frenzy 2.02=
6.Madagascar — Join the Circus!6▲2
7.Rope’n’Fly 27▲2
8.100 Floors8▼1
9.Subway Surfers9▲1
11.Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure11▼5
12.I’d Cap That12=
13.Socialcam Video Camera13▲2
14.Palm Reading Booth FREE14▼1
15.Hide the Fart15▲2
16.Gun Building II16=
17.Death Rider17▲4
18.Line Runner18▲4
19.Logos Quiz Game19▼1
20.Monsters Ate My Condo20=
21.Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?_21▲5
22.Zombie Swipeout Free22▲2
23.Pandora Radio23▲2
24.Rage of Bahamut24▼5
25.Piranha 3DD25▲2

This week’s top free iPad apps

2.Madagascar — Join the Circus!2▲5
3.Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure3▼1
4.Skype for iPad4=
5.Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally_5▼2
6.Absolute RC Heli Sim6=
7.The Weather Channel® for iPad7▲3
10.XMonsters Ate My Condo10▼1
11.Subway Surfers11▲3
12.Mall Stars12▲54
14.Deer Hunter Reloaded14▲3
16.HBO GO16▼1
17.Jake’s Never Land Pirate School17▼4
18.Fruit Ninja HD Free18▲2
19.Magic Piano19▲2
20.Adobe Reader20▲4
21.Dune Rider21▲2
22.Temple Run22▼4
23.Draw Something Free23▼1
25.Calculator Pro for iPad FREE25▲1

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