Emerging Free iOS Apps: Angry Gran, Cloud On and Life is Crime

If the first few days of 2012 are any indicator, the free iOS charts are the place to see change from week to week. While so far the top paid and top grossing charts have been filled with an assortment of old, familiar faces, this week on the free charts a variety of new and newish apps all performed strongly, particularly debuts from Red Robot Labs and Cloud On Inc.

This week’s top free iPhone Apps

Angry Gran – UK-based Ace Viral leads our free iPhone charts in the No. 2 position with its new game, Angry Gran. An irreverent take on side-scrolling brawlers, the game challenges players to whack a variety of Gran’s enemies until they start dropping cash for her pension. The game monetizes via in-app purchases of cash, the in-game currency.

Egg Punch – Pixel Juice’s interesting combination of mini golf and pinball, Egg Punch gains ground on the free iOS charts this week rising to the No. 4 position. The game challenges players to roll their way through six worlds of 3D levels packed with puzzles, mazes and enemies to try and collect a full suit worth of stolen feathers.

Pictorial – Moving all the way down to the No. 16 spot, we find Pictorial, a connect-the-dots game that challenges a player’s spatial reasoning skills by tasking them with finding pictures hidden in collections of dots, stars and snowflakes. The game is initially free to download and the entire is unlocked with a $0.99 in-app purchase. Pictorial is credited to Sergey Vasiliev and Cloudgears.com.

Infinity Quest – Next up on the free charts this week is the No. 26 ranked game, Camigo Media’s Infinity Quest, a 2D hack and slash title that challenges players to mow through seemingly endless ranks of the undead on a quest to save a princess. Infinity Quest was released on Nov. 24.

Life is Crime – Last but not least, Red Robot Labs’ iOS port of its Android game Life is Crime closes out our iPhone charts in the No. 29 position. A location-based crime MMO that uses real-world locations, the game has been a top performer on Android, rarely leaving the upper reaches of the platform’s top grossing apps chart since its release. The iOS version of the game was released on Jan. 5.

This week’s top free iPad Apps

CloudOn – San Francisco-based Cloud On Inc debuts on the top of our iPad charts this week with its self titled productivity app CloudOn. The No. 1 app allows users to create, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly on an iPad, using the same functionality and user interfaces as Microsoft’s Office Suite. Interestingly, Cloud On requires users to have a DropBox account, as the app uses DropBox to manage file storage and syncing. Cloud On was released on Jan. 3.

Doodle Devil HD Lite – Independent developer Joybits scores this week’s No. 5 free iPad app with its game Doodle Devil HD Lite, the trial version of its $1.99 game Doodle Devil HD. In the game, players play as the the Doodle Devil, an evil being bent on destroying the universe. Of course, to destroy, one also needs to create, and players can invent more than 190 objects such as as demons, beasts and zombies to help them with the destruction.

Fishing Stars HD – Chinese developer Chengdu Moqikaka swims onto the free app charts with this week’s No. 12 ranked app, Fishing Stars HD. A high energy take on a traditional tap-based fishing game, the free-to-play game challenges players to collect fish, turtles, and even sharks.

iBernard HD – Not technically a game or an app, but a collection of award winning animated shorts, iBernard HD holds the No. 14 spot on the charts this week. Credited to Lorray Management, iBernard HD comes with a number of free episodes, but additional ones must be purchases for $0.99 each.

4 Elements HD (Premium) – Finally, moving down the No. 17 spot we find Russian-based Playrix’s game 4 Elements HD, a strategic puzzle game that features more than 64 levels. While the app is free to download, the full game is only unlocked via an in-app purchase, which is currently discounted to $4.99. The game also includes Game Center support and was last updated on Dec. 5.