Emerging Android Apps: Uno Free, Burn the City and Fashion Story

The theme of the last Android roundup of the year was sales, with DataViz, EA, Full Fat Productions, Cloud.tv and Rerware LLC all having apps on sale to take advantage of holiday downloads when we compiled our charts. While the free and paid charts showed variety due to short-term discounts, the top grossing charts followed the same pattern they have for the past three weeks with little changeover in the top of the rankings.

This Week’s Top Grossing Android Apps

[Update] Fashion Story – Things seemed mighty familiar in the Android top grossing charts this week, with Team Lava’s mainstay Fashion Story sitting comfortably in the top 10 as usual. Currently the #7 top grossing Android app (Team Lava has three other apps on the top grossing charts this week: Bakery Story at #10, Restaurant Story at #15, and Farm Story at #23), Fashion Story is free-to-play and monetizes through in-app purchases.

[Update] Documents ToGo Full Version – DataViz’s Documents ToGo Full Version Key is also a fixture of the Android top grossing charts and there is no difference this week. Today the utility is the #9 ranked app, seeing a small boost in popularity after a holiday sale discounted it from $29.99 to $14.99.

[Update] Madden NFL 12 – Just as EA’s holiday sales gave the developer blockbuster business on iOS, the company’s Android sale has had similar results, boosting several of its older games in popularity. Currently the #18 top grossing app and on sale for $2.99, EA’s annual football game Madden NFL 12 has been making regular chart appearances since its release in the fall.

[Update] Flick Golf! – Full Fat Productions makes the chart this week in the #27 position thanks to a holiday sale that dropped the price of its game Flick Golf! to $0.99. A golf game that uses finger flick motions to determine speed, angle and spin on a virtual golf ball, the game received an optional update on December 12th to fix licensing errors.

[Update] Homerun Battle 3D – Korean developer Com2uS closes out the last top grossing Android chart of 2011 in the #36 spot with Homerun Battle 3D. The $4.99 title is a multiplayer baseball game that pits players against one another in a virtual homerun competition. Players can customize their avatar with more than 100 items including official baseball wear from companies like Voodoo, 2M2 and more.

This Week’s Top Free Android Apps

[Update] Facebook Messenger – Facebook’s official messenger app is the most popular utility this week, the same position it currently holds on the App store’s free charts according to AppData. The rise to the #1 spot on both platforms was likely caused by rise in activations after Christmas as new users put “must have” utilities onto their devices.

Uno Free – French developer/publisher Gameloft makes the free charts in the #11 position with its new free version of Uno, Uno Free. The game has already seen more than one million downloads since its release less than a month ago, and was last updated on December 13th to improve stability on some Android devices.

Word Search – French developer Melimots makes the Android charts this week with its #17 ranked game, Word Search. The game is a hidden world puzzle, similar to the ones found in newspapers and word puzzle books, and features a clean, colorful interface that automatically resizes to a user’s device.

Drunken Pee – Fingersoft makes our Android free app roundup two weeks in a row with its latest novelty game Drunken Pee. Currently the #22 ranked free app, the game uses tilt controls to simulate the act of filling a commode after a particularly “high spirited” evening.