Ellen Broke a Record with Samsung, Breaks Hearts with her iPhone

Ellen Selfie

At 2 million retweets and counting. How many iPhones is that anyway, Samsung?

In case you were asleep like half the viewing audience, this picture was taken by Ellen DeGeneres in the audience — a selfie tweeted ’round the world. As covered by our Tonya Garcia, it was a record-breaking picture eclipsing the shot taken of President Obama getting handsy with the First Lady.

Good times, right? Not if you are Samsung.

You see, if you have the Oscars on the DVR, rewind it to the historic selfie and you will see a clear positioning of product placement for Android phone manufacturer, Samsung. Of course, no one cared one bit that it was a Samsung phone because they were too busy gawking at the beautiful people. However, Samsung paid some nice coin for that advertisement.

And then Ellen had to do this…

See, that’s the thing when you have people championing people they don’t know in far-off lands and thanking people as friends they have never met, money always takes precedent. Unless, of course, you are stuck in the midst of product placement, and then the check gets cashed as soon as possible.

Take this for example: Some 15 minutes prior to the selfie, Ellen forgot who was paying the bills.

ellen iphone

There’s Magic Mike with Ellen and that is clearly an iPhone. Aww, too bad Samsung. Money can buy you love on certain street corners, just not loyalty in Hollywood. Better luck next year.