Election Buzz Captures the Social Media Talk This Season

Yesterday was Election Day and social media was all agog.

Well, maybe that is a strong characterization. Social media is interested in the election, but only after folks are done discussing Arkansas mom Michelle Duggar’s announcement.

Judging by the word cloud on the Meltwater Election Buzz yesterday afternoon, most voters were blogging, tweeting, and generally cyberchatting about Herman Cain and his sexual harassment problems he is facing (including his main accuser’s appearance on the Today show).

Meltwater Election Buzz has launched to keeps tabs on what people are discussing in relation to the election, with options to search by candidate and office. For example, what are most people saying about Mitt Romney?

It’s not the only social site getting in on election action, of course. Our colleagues at Inside Facebook had previously launched its 2012 Election Tracker, which monitors the Facebook activity of candidates and features posts such as “Do you think the media favors certain politicians over others?” based on the Politico article on Ron Paul’s “media assault.”

Tools like these will prove to be useful over the next year. There is just too much chatter and too many sources for people to cut through in order to reach the important issues. Voters need more thoughtful analysis and fewer obnoxious press conferences.

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