eHarmony Hopes Job Seekers Will Fall for Algorithms

Human love is the most complicated force in the universe. Love is more temperamental than gravity. Love is more expansive than infinity. Love is more fickle and powerful than the weather on Jupiter. So when a company like eHarmony claims to have figured out the algorithms that dictate our ideal romantic match, the public is naturally skeptical. But it’s not like we don’t want their services to work. We do. Everyone deserves love.

And everyone deserves a job. eHarmony knows this, too.

eHarmony claims it can not only help people find love, but also employment. Yes, the popular dating site claims the same principles behind its strategy to match people romantically can be used to connect job seekers with employers. There is more, the brand claims, to finding the best match than simply throwing resumes at job descriptions. Anyone who has ever conducted an interview knows this to be true.

The most pressing PR challenge eHarmony faces is its ability to convince the public that the science behind their services does, in fact, work. The public is skeptical because we know us. We know we’re not always honest when filling out surveys, or that we’d even answer the same questions with the same answers if it was raining outside or our favorite team had just won the big game. Life is a pinball machine of variables. We change a little every day, all of the time.

And yet despite all of this, people do find their soul mates and their dream jobs. That idea alone will cause many in the public to jump right in. You only live once so why not maximize your chances of finding happiness? The logic works. But much of being human is illogical. How should eHarmony’s PR strategy address this disconnect?