Israeli Singer Efrat Gosh Sends Fans On A YouTube Scavenger Hunt

Israeli singer Efrat Gosh has launched a fun YouTube scavenger hunt, along with Dice Marketing, to promote a big upcoming concert in Tel Aviv. Fans are invited to solve riddles and follow clues that have been provided on Efrat’s Facebook Fan page, which lead to specific YouTube videos. More riddles are hidden via annotations on her YouTube videos and five lucky users, who manage to find all the clues and send in the correct order of videos and the answer to the final question, can win tickets to Efrat’s big concert on Thursday night.

I know that most of our readers aren’t based in Israel and don’t speak Hebrew. However, I thought this campaign was worthwhile to write about as it shows a truly creative, unique and viral way to spread the word about a musician, brand or anything really. By offering up a prize that can only be obtained by watching tons of Efrat’s videos, Dice Marketing has succeeded not only in spreading the word about her concert and creating a buzz on Facebook, but also in getting a lot more YouTube views. This promotion could be an inspiration to other bands and brands around the world.

I had the opportunity to ask Michal Levy of Dice Marketing a few questions about Efrat’s unique YouTube scavenger hunt campaign. Check out my favorite Efrat Gosh video and then check out what Michal had to say in the interview below.

Megan at Social Times: Can you offer a brief explanation of how the promotion on YouTube works?

Michal Levy: We hid annotations on YouTube videos with hints for the next riddles. The idea was to make the fans watch the video completely and look for the hint. The riddles appear for under a second in a specific part of each video, requiring the viewer’s full concentration. Each hint leads to the next riddle, thus giving the finder an advantage over the other participants. If you solve all the hints, and answer the final question, you’ll get a correct order of videos as well as the answer to the final question. If you send us the videos and the final answer in the correct order, you’ve won tickets to Efrat’s big concert, woohoo!

Megan: Are you only promoting this contest on Facebook? How else has it been promoted?

Michal: Actually, no. Facebook is just one social platform, and an artist’s career spans over several. We’ve promoted it on her forum on, and gave it a push from her booking agency, Hamon Volume, by using their website and mailing list.

Megan: How did Dice Marketing come up with this idea?

Michal: Nimrod Dweck, one of the owners, is a game designer and was looking for an idea which will engage fans in a game like activity. Web users are more positive toward participating in activities which are fun and game like. He was checking several ARGs, due to his reading of the great book “Little Brother” by Cory Doctorow, in all of them solving riddles for progressing the plot played a major role. Assuming our “plot” is the promotional efforts of the concert and getting fans interested in it and aware of it, then the riddles in the videos – where the artists supposedly tells his story – are like leading them through the vision of the artist and getting them to notice his activity.

Megan: What has the response been like? Are a lot of people sending in their solutions?

Michal: Heaps of people! We’ve had a rise of hundreds of fans in the Facebook Page throughout the activity and a rise in the video views on YouTube!

Megan: Are any other cool social media campaigns going on, for Efrat Gosh or any of the other musicians you represent?

Michal: We had a crowd source campaign for Hayehudim, Israel’s biggest hard rock band, in which we uploaded live footage from four different cameras and the live recording of one of their songs. We invited the audience to edit the footage into videos and send us their results. The best one was declared as the official video and was broadcast on YNET, Israel’s biggest news website, as well as prior to one of their concerts. The editor also won a scholarship from a professional music school. We had over 50 videos sent to us.

One of the more successful social media campaigns we did lately was for the fashion brand “Grip”. We held a competition named “Real Grip Girl” in which we photographed teen girls in Grip fashion stores throughout Israel, dressed in Grip fashion items. The photos were uploaded to Grip’s homepage, and had a Like button attached to it. The girl who gained the most likes on the website won 5,000 NIS worth of fashion items. Since the Like option was placed on the website, when you liked a girl’s photo, you actually recommended your friends to enter the Grip website and watch the photos, the girls, their clothing, and actually get interested in Grip fashion.

These days we are starting a lip sync crowd-sourced video for Hadag Nahash. Fans are invited to film themselves singing one of the band’s songs in their living room and send us the raw footage, which will be edited into the official music video.