Editing Google Docs On Android & iPad To Improve

During a cloud computing event targeted at businesses in Europe, Google announced a new two factor authentication capability for their Google Apps premier product for education and government users. The authentication combines something users know, their password, with something they have, a verification code sent to their phone via text message. Google intends to role out this capability to all Google Apps users in the future.

Google also announced that they were demonstrating new editing capabilities in Google Docs on Android phones and the iPad. It has been a bit of a mystery as to why Google Docs had not been improved for Android. Today you can view documents and do some basic editing on Android phones and the iPad, but it is very cumbersome. For example, in spreadsheets you have to first select which row you want to edit to load that row in an edit form, then you can edit a cell at a time. Once you are done editing the row you have to be sure to save the changes that you made, otherwise they will be lost.

Todd and I use Google Docs to manage what we post on this blog, as well as frequently use it for our own personal needs, so we very much look forward to the improvements from Google. While there are third party apps for the iPad that edit Google Docs very well, they require spending money on an app for functionality that frankly we think Google ought to be providing.