eBooks Since iPad


If you’ve been asleep or on a meditation retreat or something since the unveiling of Apple’s iPad–and the ensuing standoff between Macmillan and Amazon that resulted in Amazon grudgingly accepting the agency pricing model–then this thorough story on the MediaShift blog at PBS.org will get you up to speed.

The writer, Dan Brodnitz, covers all the bases. But he goes beyond review. The most interesting stuff is some commentary he collected from folks in publishing regarding iBooks. Hadrien Gardeur, CEO of Feedbooks, remarked on his impressions of how Apple will present and typeset books for iPad: “Always displaying a bookshelf or replicating page turns, for example, can get annoying after a while, and I don’t think it’s really necessary,” said Gardeur.

Thomas Nelsons’ Mike Hyatt told PBS “Really, all they’ve done is replicate the book experience on a digital device…It’s begging to go so much further.” Indeed, many in publishing were hoping for something more earth-shattering. Yet, despite skepticism, there are reports all over the Web that demand for the iPad is greater than the initial demand for iPhone. We’ll see…