eBook Cover Problems in New iTunes

The relentless Mike Cane has already noticed a glitch in the new iTunes update. As we reported earlier today, iTunes 9.1 accepts eBooks, but, as Cane noticed in the comments to our earlier post, the jacket art for some eBooks doesn’t come up once the eBook is imported into iTunes, and he’s delved deeper into the matter.

In a detailed blog post, Cane charts which kinds of eBook covers pop up and which don’t, as you can see in the image above from Cane’s blog, in which the yellow, green and purple eBooks come from Project Gutenberg, Munsey’s and Feedbooks respectively, and the red are from Smashwords, whose book jackets are apparently supported. He then wonders: “Why wasn’t this tested and prevented? Who at Apple has been neglecting eBooks?”

Apple, do you care about eBooks? Let’s hope you don’t bear out early fears that eBooks are an iPad afterthought.