eBook Apps for Jolicloud

This is a bit geeky, so forgive this blogger for being esoteric, but this blog dabbles necessarily in the techie world, so no harm in an occasional post like thsi. If you’re a netbook user, you may have heard of Jolicloud, a very cool Linux-based operating system designed specifically for netbooks. It turns your netbook into an app-centered device, sort of like an iPhone with a keyboard, meaning Jolicloud’s developers have curated a selection of apps–most of which are simply Web-apps that use Mozilla’s Prism platform, which essentially turns Websites into apps by placing them in their own browser windows. The upside of this system is you can make your netbook very easy to use and slick looking. The downside is that you can only install the software and apps that Jolicloud has picked. Jolicloud is currently in pre-beta testing, and you can download it for free.

Jolicloud users will be glad to know there are currently two eBook apps available in Jolicloud’s app directory–Calibre and Ibis. Calibre is a handy tool to have, as its an open eBook library that you can use with many eReaders. Ibis, as we reported earlier, is a new Web-based eReader with tons of public domain books available.

These are good choices on the part of Jolicloud’s developers. Calibre allows you to connect your eReader to your netbook and drag and drop your books. Ibis lets you turn your netbook into a Web-based eReader. As Web-apps become more central to personal computing, and as cheaper computers continue to gain in popularity, platforms like Jolicloud are going to become more prevalent, so it’s a good thing Jolicloud’s developers are getting in on eBooks. Here‘s more info on the OS from Wikipedia in case you’re interested.