EA Sports Launches FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on Mobile

fifa 15 ultimate team 2EA Mobile and EA Sports have announced the launch of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on mobile devices. This year’s game focuses on the most popular mode from the FIFA franchise, Ultimate Team, and allows users to collect and trade their favorite football stars and build their own fantasy team. The game features over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams, as well as over 30 real leagues and stadiums.

Players start with a squad of players from one of four card packs. From there, they can compete in multiple kinds of games, either playing games manually or completing quick simulation matches in which the AI controls both teams and players can impact their squad from the sideline. This includes managing substitutions and gauging team effort, among other options. The results in these matches are said to “depend entirely on your ability to manage player skills and chemistry.”

While playing a full game, users have access to two control schemes: casual and classic. In casual, users are presented with a simple control layout, comprised of a static virtual joystick on the left side of the screen, and buttons for sprinting, passing, shooting, press & tackle, and more on the right. These buttons may serve multiple functions, depending on whether players are in control of the ball.fifa 15 ultimate team
With the classic control scheme, the d-pad can be turned into a floating option, which will appear and disappear whenever (and wherever) the player places their thumb on the left side of the screen. An additional button is also added to the right side, separating some of the controls. Users can choose from multiple difficulty levels for games, depending on their skills.

Players can choose from the single-player season mode, tournaments (including limited time tournaments which may have unique prizes), a quick match against a rival team, or games against the team of the week.

Once games are finished, players are rewarded with coins for the actions they completed during the game. Players can purchase new card packs over time using either free or premium currency, and will have four main kinds of items in their inventory: players, staff members, consumables and club items (uniforms, balls, stadium cards and more). Staff members increase the bonuses applied to team members when applying consumables. These consumables can be applied to squad members to improve their performance during games. Users receive free items, like coins and card packs, for completing objectives while playing (like logging into Facebook). Players can also recruit new team members in the Transfer Market, which allows users to sell and buy items from other real-world players.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is now available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store.