EA FIFA, Star Wars: Battlefront Are Leading the E3 Chatter on Facebook

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is under way in Los Angeles

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo well under way in Los Angeles, Facebook released new data surrounding E3-related conversations on its platform.

Facebook said that over the past 30 days, 43 million people made 115 million posts, likes and comments related to E3 and the major game titles and brands participating in the show. Of these users, 65 percent were men, while 35 percent were women. In addition, 22 percent of users were aged 35 and older.

Comparing the gender breakdown to data from 2016, Facebook said men accounted for 90 percent of the users in the conversation last year.

Here are the top five countries that talked about E3, as well as the major games and brands in the show:

  1. U.S.
  2. U.K.
  3. Brazil
  4. Australia
  5. Mexico

In addition, Facebook released an E3 heat map showing the level of E3-related conversation in each country, compared with the global average.

Elsewhere, Facebook revealed the top five trending games that “saw a disproportionate spike in conversation” in the seven days prior to the social network’s analysis:

  1. EA FIFA
  2. Star Wars: Battlefront
  3. State of Decay
  4. Assassin’s Creed
  5. Sea of Thieves

Within this top five data, Facebook said 2.9 million people talked about EA FIFA during the analysis period, which is an increase of 490 percent from the previous week. In addition, 425,000 people talked about Star Wars: Battlefront during the analysis window, for an increase of 1,153 percent from the previous week.

Next, following the E3 press conferences, Facebook analyzed publisher-related conversation from June 10 through 13 to see which publishers experienced the largest spikes in conversation. The top five spikes were experienced by the following companies:

  1. Sony
  2. Microsoft
  3. Electronic Arts
  4. Ubisoft
  5. Activision Blizzard

Finally, Facebook said the top video during its analysis period (in terms of video views) was a video advertising Grand Theft Auto Online’s Gunrunning update, posted by Rockstar Games.

In a statement, Franco DeCesare, head of global console and online gaming at Facebook, commented:

This year, more than ever before, we are excited to see the global digital footprint of E3 play out on Facebook. Over the past few months, people around the world have taken to the platform to discuss and share the games they love with the people they care about. We’ve seen this community of gamers continue to grow and evolve each year, with women now taking a growing share of the conversation around E3. Facebook is the voice of the gaming community, with over 800 million people playing at least one Facebook-connected game every month.