E3 2014: Final Fantasy VII G-Bike and Final Fantasy Agito announced for mobile

Square Enix’s E3 catalog contains two new mobile games for Final Fantasy fans: Final Fantasy VII G-Bike and Final Fantasy Agito. Both games have been announced for iOS and Android devices, and will be available for free with available in-app purchases.

In Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, players are re-introduced to the G-Bike mini-game from Final Fantasy VII, which has players speeding down a freeway, attacking monsters, while jumping over or sliding under obstacles. The game mixes the action “bike chase” gameplay with RPG elements, as users can upgrade Cloud Strife’s techniques over time.

As an RPG, G-Bike will feature boss battles, missions for completion, item collection and weapon customization.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy Agito is set to make its debut in Western territories, after already being released in Japan. The game takes players to a war-torn land called Orience, where they’ll take on the role of a cadet in the “Dominion of Rubrum” with the goal of becoming a hero of the land.

In Agito, players create a custom character, choosing various hairstyles, facial features and more. Users will interact with other in-game cadets, making decisions that will affect the game’s story going forward. In turn, these decisions are promised to affect the entire worldwide player community.

As players complete missions and level-up their character, they’ll find and create weapons to make their character stronger. In addition, players can join others in cooperative battles featuring the game’s entire community.

Both games are without release dates at this time. Final Fantasy VII G-Bike and Final Fantasy Agito join Hitman: Sniper in Square Enix’s mobile lineup at E3 this year. Check back soon for more.

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