Dutch Travel Could Take A Hit From New Ban

Will the floating flower market be enough to attract tourists?

Did your summer travel plans include a trip to Amsterdam? Good thing.

The new right-wing government has just imposed a ban on tourists who want to visit the Netherlands’ famous “coffee shops.” Residents of the country will now have to become year-long members of pot shops in order to indulge. And each shop will only be permitted 1,500 members. The new rules will be in effect across the country by next year.

The effort is meant to promote healthy living and fight crime.

The Rembrandt House Museum is nice and all. But we all know that one one of the reasons many people go to Amsterdam is to partake in a bit of the wacky tabacky and the overall free-spirited nature of the country. It’s what The Netherlands is known for. So the country’s tourism board ought to be busy over the coming months deciding what they’re going to do to attract visitors once this ban is fully implemented.

[via Reuters]