Durex Launches Viral Marketing Campaign with Discreet Condom Delivery App

Apps are a significant part of marketing strategies and Durex is using the app concept to lure in sexy users. Its latest campaign offers a discreet condom delivery service as an iOS app called SOS Condom – but there’s one catch, there’s no delivery service outside of Dubai.

Durex condoms might be synonymous for safe sex, but in Dubai, sex between unmarried couples is hazardous. In October of 2012, a young girl was charged with having pre-marital sex after giving birth to a child as a result of rape. It’s highly unlikely that SOS Condom will be used by unmarried couples in Dubai given its tenacity for punishing young victims of sexual violence.

Durex is encouraging users to vote and request the service for their city on their marketing website, though the number of voters is relatively low. Parisians are currently in the lead with 240 votes (compared to Warsaw with 79 votes).

There are currently no US cities on the list, but students at the College of New Jersey can opt to call on CondAM to get emergency contraceptives within five minutes. CondAM’s founder, Kyle McCabe hopes to spread his condom delivery start-up to other campuses and cities to promote safe sex.



Via Mashable