Durex Donating Condoms For Every #1Share1Condom Tweet

Did you know that 2.5 million people were infected with HIV last year?

The world would be a better place without HIV, certainly. Want to help get rid of it?

This hashtag campaign will show you how to spread the word. It’s a start!

We told you how much your Twitter followers are worth (approximately), and now, courtesy of The Huffington Post we can tell you the value of a tweet: “Apparently, one of your 140-character Twitter posts is worth the equivalent of one condom.” Well, according to Durex it is.

“We’ve supported the fight against HIV over the years, mainly through local projects,” Marketing Director Kevin Harshaw at Reckitt Benckiser (parent company of Durex)stated in a press release. “This year, we have decided to use our global market presence to create an initiative that will get the world talking and sharing.”

And that initiative has resulted in this clever #1share1condom marketing campaign.

From now through World Aids Day, which is December 1, Durex is donating one condom each time someone tweets #1share1condom or shares the message on Facebook.

Their goal is to donate 2.5 million condoms (matching the 2.5 million people infected last year) and they’re already at 850k and counting.

It’s really easy too – they have messages ready for you, so all you have to do is click to share one:



Will you help Durex make an HIV free world? Check out this video and then start spreading the word.

And P.S.? This app will give you a rough idea of the actual value of your Twitter account, in case you’re interested.

(Image from 1share1condom.com)