Dunkin Donuts Joins Twitter


Dunkin’ Donuts has joined the ranks of consumer brands with official pages on Twitter, MediaPost reports. (And why shouldn’t they—they do have good coffee, at least in the opinion of this particular author.)

“Twitter is an opportunity for Dunkin’ Donuts to engage directly, in real time, with people of all ages who are fans of our brand, or even just rely on a cup of coffee to keep themselves running,” said David Tryder, the company’s manager of interactive marketing, in the report. “We saw a fast-growing social media outlet where users were excited to have their favorite brands present.”

The Twitter page will contain special offers to followers on occasion, as well as offer conversational opportunities between the company and followers, and will be accessible on mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop PCs. Check out the page at http://twitter.com/DunkinDonuts.