DST Investment Firm Rapidly Becoming A "Facebook Fund"

With a large investment in Zynga earlier this week and an increasing stake in Facebook (now estimated to be 5 percent), Russian Investment firm DST is rapidly becoming a large Facebook Fund. The company has publicly stated that it is willing to purchase more shares of Facebook beyond its existing stake, apparently purchasing shares at $14.77 per share. We’ve heard of third-parties purchasing shares of Facebook at rates as high as $25 per share though which makes DST’s investments theoretically a great buy.

This all results in DST having invested around $500 million at this point to purchase 5 percent of Facebook. Most of the recent transactions have taken place with employees and outside shareholders though as Facebook is not currently seeking new investment rounds. The latest report from Russian business newspaper Kommersant highlights DST’s ongoing hunger for Facebook shares.

There’s not much to add except that DST has been doubling down on Facebook as of late, as they place a lot of value on the social web. While Facebook is supposed to bring in over $500 million this year, there’s no doubt that revenue is growing with a user base which has doubled in size this year. If you have Facebook shares, it looks like DST will always serve as a buyer so give them a call.

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