Drupal for Facebook In The Works

I just found out a new project that Dave Cohen of San Francisco is working on that is pretty sweet! Earlier this month I posted about a content management system on Facebook. Within weeks it looks Dave has successfully ported over Drupal into Facebook. While Dave is not complete with the project (view screen shots below), he is coming along nicely. He has successfully ported the website, “Drupal for Facebook” into the Drupal for Facebook application.

When this is complete, it is going to suddenly become much easier to develop robust communities on the Facebook platform. I have sent a message to Dave to find out if this is an open project or if it is just his and is friends. While I haven’t heard back yet, I will be sure to post a follow-up for any developers that want to participate in the project. Alternatively, you can simply post a comment below if you would like to contribute. It will be interesting so see how far along this goes in the coming weeks. Being a developer myself, I can speak from experience when I say this is surely a challenging task. Best of luck to Dave in completing the project! We will be excited to see the final app.

Drupal for Facebook About Page

Drupal for Facebook Forum

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