Drop.io Adds Free MP3 Voice Recordings

CNET’s The Cheapskate blog points out a cool feature that online storage site drop.io just added to its offerings: free MP3 recordings via cell phone:

“Now, when you create a drop, you get a phone number and special extension,” blogger Rick Broida reports. “Just dial in from your cell phone (or any phone), enter the extension, and start talking. When you’re done, drop.io turns the recording into an MP3 you can play, share, download, or whatever.”

From there, you could do whatever you want with it, such as use it for reminders, record a lecture, work on a podcast, or even use it to record interviews, Broida suggests. This isn’t necessarily mobile-media related but we thought it was worth mentioning, since it seems pretty useful.

Record free, unlimited MP3 audio with your cell phone [The Cheapskate]