Dreamgate Studios Announces Physics Puzzle Game Light in the Dark

light in the dark 650

Dreamgate Studios has announced the upcoming release of its first mobile title, Light in the Dark. Created by a team of industry veterans, with experience with top franchises including Bioshock, Fallout and X-Com, the game combines physics and puzzles in level-based play. Gamers are challenged with reuniting colorful totem creatures with their babies, with doing so requiring the manipulation of colored light beams.

In each level, users will start with at least one light source, and must bounce that light off of walls and other obstacles in order to shine it on the baby totem(s) somewhere in the stage. Depending on the level, additional obstacles may block or help the light path. These may be more static obstacles that can only move left, right, up or down, or those with more freedom, which can be rotated a full 360 degrees in order to aim the light beam just so to its destination. Eventually, players will need to combine multiple light beams to form new colors, before the babies can be collected.

Adding additional complexity to the game are enemies, which sleep until a light shines on them, and colored stars, which are collected by hitting them with matching light beams.

“We are drawing on the decades of development experience acquired from working on gamers’ favorite franchises to deliver a quick, fun and engaging experience,” said David De Margheriti, CEO of Dreamgate Studios. “Based on feedback we received during testing, Light in the Dark’s colorful environments filled with strategic challenges, should be right on the mark for puzzle lovers.”

Light in the Dark is expected to launch in mid-September on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. The game will cost $1.99. PAX Prime 2014 attendees can get an early look at the game, which will be shown at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment booth.

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