Draw on your friend’s lock screen using LokLok


Yo is not the only app that will let you receive messages on your lockscreen – LokLok will do the same, albeit in a more creative way: using doodles. It’s great for communicating small, intimate gestures, or, just a simple way to send a picture with a question mark. For example, if you don’t know which wine bottle to pick for dinner, just send a picture with a question:

The app can only work on Android because it replaces your lockscreen with a synchronized, shared whiteboard. Between shared users, the app becomes a space for seeing an image, doodles, or both. Like other popular messaging apps, LokLok will also eliminate the latest drawing or image as soon as you’ve cleared your screen.  LokLok allows you to share your screen with various groups, up to three:

We’ve decided to limit the number of groups to 3 per user. We do this because we’re convinced that creating meaningful bonds around close relationships adds much more value than being in a lot of groups with people that are not such an important part of your life. By limiting the number of groups, we’re encouraging you to be more selective about who you connect to, making sure that we keep your LokLok meaningful and noise-free. After all, the lock screen is a special space on your device and you should reserve it for special people in your life, right?

Apple does not allow developers to take over lockscreens in such a manner, so we know this won’t be an iOS app.