DragonVale celebrates two-year anniversary with largest update ever

Image via Backflip Studios

Backflip Studios has today announced the largest content update ever released for its mobile hit DragonVale, released as part of an ongoing celebration of the game’s success. DragonVale is celebrating its two-year anniversary, and has passed 750 consecutive days in the US Top Grossing app charts. The game allows players to collect and raise dragons on large floating islands in the sky.

The update contains 38 new dragons and a Light & Dark community event. The event will see players collectively influencing the game’s future direction, voting on either Light or Dark dragons, depending on what they’d like to see next in the game. All players will receive individual rewards for participating in the event.

DragonVale already contains 125 unique dragons, with each dragon being available for free with enough patience and luck (rare dragons can be born out of in-game breeding).

In addition to this new content update, Backflip has released a series of stats, detailing how much the game has grown since its launch in September 2011. DragonVale has been downloaded over 25 million times across iOS and Android devices, with over 600 million dragons being hatched in total by all users.

The game still currently pulls in 4.5 million monthly active users, with all of the game’s players, both past and present, accounting for 38 thousand years of cumulative play time. On average, each player has played DragonVale for 133 separate sessions.

DragonVale is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play. You can follow the game’s continued progress on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers. The full infographic of game stats can be seen below.

Image via Backflip Studios