Dragon Pop: Collect dragon eggs in this fast-paced Facebook puzzler


Match-three puzzle games and dragons are, separately, two large themes in social and mobile gaming, and have previously been combined into hit gameplay experiences like Puzzle & Dragons. Now, Blue Boat has released its own combination of the themes, Dragon Pop, on Facebook. The game’s blitz-style format sees players clicking and dragging on dragon eggs to pop them, earning points and score multipliers as they go.

In each game, players are shown random assortments of dragon eggs, and can click and drag to form a line of three-or-more touching dragon eggs of the same color. Lines can be formed vertically, diagonally and horizontally, but lines can’t overlap to pick up extra eggs.

Players can add power-ups before each game, like one that adds hourglasses to the board, but these are only unlocked once players complete certain in-game tasks. For example, one power-up is only unlocked after playing 99 games of Dragon Pop, or via a purchase of $2.99.


At the end of each game, players can compare their scores against friends on the in-game leaderboard, which resets each week to encourage gamers to keep coming back. An energy system limits players to five rounds per session, but additional energy can also be purchased with real money.

Dragon Pop is available to play for free on Facebook, and has 166,000 monthly active users, according to our app tracking service AppData. The game is also available on Google Play and iOS.