Doritos Integrates Facebook Connect Into New Advergame

-Doritos iD3 Icon-Doritos has launched a new “advergame” which integrates Facebook Connect to pull user information into a choose your own adventure type advertisement. The advertisement, developed by BBDO and a number of other agencies (we are social performed the social outreach), lets the user find their way through a movie-like story about identity thieves. The most innovative implementation of Facebook Connect that I saw prior to today was the recent Prototype game trailer, which pulled in profile data to display images and information that only the viewer would understand.

This advertisement is much more extensive and actually involves a multi-act story, the first of which is accessible as of last week. The only requirement is that you have a code form a bag of Doritos iD3 chips. I have to admit that the video is longer than I expected. It also involves a mini-game in which you try to escape a warehouse as the police break in to raid it. I couldn’t figure out the controls for the game as you’ll see in the 20 minute long video below.

The program still managed to work. One downside of this “advergame” is that it doesn’t fully take advantage of a user’s information. There are only two short moments where your profile data is integrated into the experience. Also there is no Facebook feed integration. I would imagine that after getting through a twenty minute long advertisement, you’d want to post something about the experience to your profile.

Although the advergame doesn’t take advantage of all of the Facebook integration points, it’s still one of the more robust advertisements that I’ve seen. In contrast to many Facebook “appvertisements” which try to continue the experience beyond the first interaction, this ad is clearly a one-time experience. Typically social marketing campaigns (or programs) should be able to grow on their own, but since this program requires users to purchase a bag of Doritos to play along, there will be significant limitations to growth.

If you want to see where my Facebook profile information was used during the experience, proceed to 6:17 and then check out the picture in the background at 14:15. While I think the advergame is an interesting experience, it fails to leverage the full potential of Facebook Connect. If you want to learn more, visit the Doritos iD3 site.