Don’t Mobileneck…Make a Twitstop

Nielsen Online Digital Strategic Services executive vice president Pete Blackshaw, author of Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3,000, penned the quite humorous and accurate The Official Social Media and Mobile Glossary of 2010 for

Among the funnier entries:

MOBILENECKING: The alarming tendency to have our necks titled down or shifted sideways—ever glued to our mobile device. This anywhere, anyplace epidemic is increasingly common in cars, airplanes and crosswalks. Closely related to term “Eyevoidance,” where no one looks at anyone anymore.

QUAD STALKERS: Folks from your past who “friend” you (e.g., folks you marginally knew from the high-school quad) and who seem to comment on everything you post on Facebook. Mostly benign, but a tad curious.

TWITSTOP: A bathroom detour from a meeting or conversation in order to check e-mail, Twitter or the latest and greatest via an app. (Swear on the Bible, I don’t do this…but I’m told lots of others do.)