Don’t Have An Android Device? Don’t Worry, Google Hangouts Now Keeps You In The Google Family

Don't have an Android device? Don't worry. Google has ways of keeping you in the family. Just check out the latest update to Google Hangouts.

A lot of people will tell you that Android devices are superior to iOS products. They’re probably right, but since I own an iPhone and a Macbook Pro, I couldn’t tell you. Here’s what I can tell you: It really doesn’t matter what operating system your mobile device uses. This is because Google has done everything they can to keep you using your products regardless of where and how you use the Internet. Chrome is a great example of this, as is Google Maps, but today we have a new entry: Google Hangouts.

Ok. Hangouts itself isn’t new, but the new feature goes along with Google’s plan to make the device you use irrelevant. That’s because today Google Hangouts received a pretty significant update. You can now use Google Hangouts on your Apple device to make free calls within the U.S. and Canada. And as a bonus for Google Voice users, there are additional features if you use your Google Voice account in conjunction with Google Hangouts. That includes your Voice number popping up on your friend’s caller ID when you make a call from Hangouts.

So if you don’t have Hangouts just yet and want to aid in Google’s march toward mobile domination, you can download it on iTunes here.

(Story credit: Engadget. | Photo Credit: Free Programmer on Flickr)


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