Domino’s UK Searching For Superfans, Rewarding Fans With Coupon Codes

Domino’s Pizza UK and Ireland is sponsoring a new application that challenges Facebook users to become “Superfans” of the brand, with prizes for the male and female contestants who recruit the most fans to the Domino’s Page. The application is also handing out special coupon codes and deals to all fans of the page as fan numbers hit certain levels.

It’s the latest example of a brand using a giveaway to get more fans. While the practice at one point appeared to go against Facebook’s terms, the company has clarified that in many cases it is okay.

The first coupon available is a discount off the total order should fan numbers reach 20,000. The current number is around 15,700, and totals have been slowly rising since the start of the campaign. The rest of the deals are still a mystery, and each deal will presumably be revealed as the benchmark below it is reached.

The top male and female fans with the most friends who are also fans of Domino’s Pizza UK and Ireland will receive a collection of branded prizes at the end of the congtest. The pizza maker is also giving out free pies each week to the fans with the largest group of friends who are also fans of the page.

The Superfans application can be found under a dedicated tab on the Domino’s UK fan page and was developed by BLM Quantum, a company that handles digital media strategies for a wide range of European clients.

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