The Kindness Of Strangers: Little Boy’s Lost (Plushie) Dog Returned Thanks To A Tweeting Cop

Need a little restoration of your faith in humanity? We’ve got a feel-good story for you that will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, guaranteed.

It’s the story of a little boy, his lost plush pup, and an intrepid tweeting police officer. A story of loss, love and 140-character salvation. A story of tears turned to joy. A story of how Twitter was used to make one little boy’s day. What’s more feel-good than that?

The Toronto Star brings us the story of Toronto police staff Sgt Chris Boddy, an altruistic (and Twitter-loving) officer of the law.

Boddy was at the Toronto Pearson Airport welcoming officers back to Canada after their peacekeeping mission to Haiti when he saw a sad little crumpled stuffed puppy in the arrivals area. He told the Toronto Star:

“Having kids myself, and being a kid once, you know how important these little things can be…I assumed it was important to this little kid if they were going to take it away on a family trip.”

And so, Boddy did the only thing a compassionate Twitter user would do: he tried to find the owner in 140-characters or less.

Boddy took the pup to a baggage cart and snapped a photo of him, uploaded it to Twitter, and included the hashtag #findmyowner. The picture was retweeted over 250 times by fellow concerned Twit-izens on the lookout for the stuffed animal’s owner.

Within 24 hours, Boddy received a Facebook message from a friend, saying that he had located five-year-old Caeden, the puppy’s owner. The boy and his pup were soon reunited thanks to a single tweet heard ’round the world.

It turns out the pup had been constantly by Caeden’s side for the past three years, and getting him back was an emotional event for the family. His mom had words of thanks for Boddy in an email:

“We will never forget your kindness and will be sure to remind Caeden of the story often so that one day he will fully understand and appreciate your kind act!”

Being Canadian, I won’t tout the “All Canadians are nice” stereotype too much, but for a police officer to take the time out of his day to rescue the lost little puppy and try to find its owner – amid the chaos of the 35th largest airport in the world no less – well, let’s just say that he does the rest of us proud!