Disney’s Club Penguin: Puffle Wild Launches on iOS

Puffle WildDisney Interactive has announced the launch of a new title in the Club Penguin universe: Puffle Wild. The match-three adventure game offers a unique monetization model, as it’s available for free to franchise newcomers, but also offers exclusive content to current Club Penguin subscribers. In Puffle Wild, all players can complete over 60 levels for free, while 13 bonus levels are available for free for members.

In Puffle Wild, players complete match-three levels, each with a different goal. One level may ask players to earn a large number of points before running out of moves, while another asks them to clear a large number of a particular kind of symbol (berry) from the board, as examples. Players make matches by swapping two touching berries to create a horizontal or vertical line of three or more matching berries.

When making a match of four or more symbols, or matches in special L or T shapes, players receive power-up berries, capable of clearing whole rows or columns of symbols from the board, or that clear all berries of a particular kind when activated. Players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their final score, and gamers can replay stages to increase their high score or earn missed stars.

A puffle system sees players bringing helpful puffle creatures into levels with them, each with their own skill. A blue puffle, for instance, will turn a random berry into a power-up berry. These puffle abilities are charged by making multiple matches with berries of the same color. In our example, players would charge the blue puffle’s ability by making matches with blue berries, and so on.

“Mobile has become a significant and growing platform for Club Penguin, with 25 percent of our players now coming from mobile and tablet devices,” said Chris Heatherly, SVP of Disney Mobile Games, in a statement. “With Puffle Wild, we’re extending the Club Penguin offering on mobile, while also providing a more family-friendly model for players to expand their game experience.”

While Club Penguin subscribers receive free access to all of the game’s levels, including bonus stages, other players can purchase access to locked content via 15 unique in-app purchase options. Free players will only receive the blue puffle to help them through the game, while other puffles are unlocked through these in-app purchases or by being a member. Finally, players can take their earned or purchased puffle creatures with them into the Club Penguin app.

Club Penguin: Puffle Wild is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.