Disney Interactive releases Seven Dwarfs: The Queen’s Return on iOS, Android

Image via Disney Interactive

Disney Interactive has announced the release of its first Snow White mobile game, Seven Dwarfs: The Queen’s Return. The game gives players the chance to head back into the fairytale world of Snow White, as they’re tasked with rebuilding the Enchanted Forest to rid the land of a curse cast by the Evil Queen.

The game is a whimsical city-builder of sorts, as players are encouraged to build barns, cottages, bakeries and more, all in an effort to complete quests and rescue dwarves (and Snow White) from the curse surrounding a small patch of cleared land.

The land is covered in twigs, haunted trees and other debris, which can be cleared to gather basic resources, including wood. These items are then used to create new buildings or repair existing ones, continuing the cycle. The forest can be expanded by gathering lanterns to clear away the curse, and so the cycle continues with the addition of new quests, items and characters to the experience.

Image via Disney Interactive

While free-to-play, the game is monetized via Gold Bars, which can be purchased with real money and then spent to speed up the crafting of tools and the clearing of debris, or simply used to purchase premium items in the game’s store.

For social play, users can send and receive gifts to friends. Friends can be added through Facebook Connect and email invites, but the game also allows for gifts to be sent to and from strangers within the community (each identified by a customizable username).

Seven Dwarfs: The Queen’s Return is now available to download for free on iOS and Android. The game is also available on Windows 8. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.