Disney+ Debuts; Sid Lee Hires US Chief Creative Officer: Tuesday’s First Things First

Plus, Vox Media expands into OTT

the home screen of the disney+ streaming service
Disney+ launched this morning. Disney
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5 Things to Know About Disney+ as the Streaming Service Debuts Today

How much is this going to cost? What can I watch on it? Can more than one person use the account? Is there more than just kids content? As Disney+ finally makes its drop today, these are the questions potential users are pondering. Lucky for you dear reader, Adweek sought out the answers to these questions to provide a little context around the year’s most-anticipated streaming service. While Disney+ is the most anticipated, marketers may be wondering if it’ll outperform the likes of Apple TV+. 

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Sid Lee Hires First Chief Creative Officer for the US

Sid Lee has created a chief creative job exclusively for its U.S. operations, hiring Cam Levin to serve in the new role and oversee the agency’s New York, Seattle and Los Angeles offices. Before joining Sid Lee’s U.S. leadership team, Levin served as chief creative officer at Digital Kitchen. According to the agency, Levin’s move will be “instrumental in bringing together the collective creative talents” of the parent company’s firms.

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Vox Media Expands Into OTT With Eater Channel

Vox Media is getting into OTT with a new food channel produced by Eater. While the food-themed content is free for viewers thanks to pre-roll ads, it’s an opportunity for Vox Media to create a new revenue stream and an add-on option to entice advertisers. But what drove this move? Well the company is betting on the success it found on YouTube, where it claims to have garnered over 1.75 million viewers. The question now is, will its YouTube audience follow to the content’s new home?

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Holidays Are Awkward But At Least Comfortable in Bombas

Your weird aunt may never change, but Bombas wants to help you at least cope. Just in time for the holidays, the direct-to-consumer brand presents a hilarious truth bomb that illustrates how comfortable people can be during the holidays despite the many discomforts that come with the season—like weird family photos or grandma bringing home a new, erm, “friend” home. The spot, created by indie agency Bindery, is over the top, for sure, but worth the watch.

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Best of the Rest: Today’s Top News and Insights

Ad of the Day: This Breathtaking Ad Shows the Evolution of a Powerful, Decades-Long Love Affair

In the spirit of celebrating the ability to stand the test of time, Renault is gearing up for the 30th anniversary of its successful Clio model with a spot that features two young girls who, upon meeting through an exchange program as children, quickly become friends and eventually develop romantic feelings for one another as they grow older. Despite living in different countries and dealing with pushback from their parents, the two stay in touch and ultimately make it work.

How to Build a Culture Not Afraid to Fail

Melissa Tischler, partner, Lippincott

Culture is one part the personalities you hire and one part the behaviors you reward. If you hire people who are naturally curious and entrepreneurial and then measure them on the ideas they’re able to create, what they are able to pilot, and what they learn, you’ve got a winning formula. Either one, without the other, leads to an environment where people are fearful or are disinclined to chase after the truly transformational ideas.

Elyse Estrada, vp of education and experience, Foursquare

I married into a family of athletes who compete about everything. When we have family reunions, you can either sit on the sidelines or you can jump in and participate. It’s akin to building a culture of experimenting. You don’t know how it’s going to turn out but it’s important that you take a leap of faith so people can see your willingness to try.

Especially in a new job, it’s important to add value quickly when entering into a new team or dynamic. You’ll be on the bench until you prove you should be starting. You are being judged quickly, so prove why you deserve to be on the team to build credibility that hiring you was the right decision. The only way you can do that is to try a few things and realize that you learn more from failure than you do from success.

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