DisFriends is a Social Network for Disney Fans

Disney fans from all over the world, ages 18+, will be glad to know that Disney has created its own niche social network which runs on three things – Meet, Mingle and Magic combined. A virtual place where people who have been captivated by Disney’s magic, DisFriends embodies the real Disney morale and dictum.

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DisFriends provides Disney fans worldwide a central meeting place to do basically two things – mix and mingle. DisFriends is a feature-rich social networking site where you can create your customized profile page embedded with the magical Disney theme, share photos and journals. It also has facilities for corresponding to special interests groups, discussion forums and real-time chat. According to Trent Schwartz, DisFriends founder:

“DisFriends is a place where fans of all things Mickey can express themselves, get to know each other, and share their Disney favorites. It’s quickly becoming the town square of the online Disney worlds” says Trent Schwartz, DisFriends founder.

DisFriends caters to every Disney fans no matter what type of fans you are. So whether you are a fan of Disney movies, or playing Disney games, taking a Disney vacation or you’re obsessed with the Mouse, DisFriends is the social networking site for you.

Most notable feature of DisFriends is the Badges and Widgets.These include:

  • Network Badges – for spreading the word about DisFriends. You can embed this network badge, add it to MySpace and Share on Facebook and add to other sites.
  • Slideshow Widget – lets you display a selection of your photos on a website or even you MySpace page.
  • Music player widget
  • Video player widget

Carrying with it its Disney brand name, DisFriends might not have attracting new customers. It’s Disney so expect a magical social networking experience.