Digital Privacy Advocates Send Out Petition to #ThankTwitter

It might not be your typical petition, but digital privacy advocates are trying to get Twitter to acknowledge its inspired act to protect the privacy of its users during the US government-WikiLeaks clash on its network. They’re sending around a petition asking people to #ThankTwitter, so the company knows just how powerful their move to protect its users’ privacy was.

The group, Privacy Camp, which initiated the petition is calling for Twitter to be named the Company of the Year at the Digital Privacy Day 2011 ceremonies on January 28th.

They started this petition in response to Twitter’s recent refusal to hand over its users private information to the US Department of Justice. The DoJ was asking for tweets, addresses, phone numbers and more of a handful of users connected to WikiLeaks, as well as requiring Twitter to give them access to any account linked to those in the spotlight. And it wanted the company to hand over the information in secret.

Twitter successfully used its legal resources to unseal this request, effectively informing WikiLeaks and its associated accounts that the DoJ was requesting information about them.

This was touted as a big step in digital privacy, with Twitter putting the rights of its users before the (many perceived) unjust demands of the government.

Privacy Camp started the following petition to let Twitter know that people are grateful that it stood up for user rights:

petition @twitter to #ThankTwitter for protecting your #Privacy #Wikileaks RT to sign

Although it only has 14 signatures as of this morning, the petition is on the “Petitions Catching Fire” section of, the activist Twitter network. The hashtag #ThankTwitter, on its own, has been used just under 300 times in the past week, according to What the Hashtag.