Digital Currency: Explained [Infographic]

We've got the answers to your crypto-currency questions, plus a new organization to help make sense of it all.

From the original Bitcoin launched in 2009 to newcomers like SA Coin, digital currencies are on the rise — although many financial experts still aren’t quite sure what to make them.

The Digital Currency Council (DCC), which launched Tuesday, hopes to help financial advisers, accountants and other industry professionals make sense of the emerging markets surrounding the world’s decentralized digital currencies. The DCC is backed by the Bitcoin Opportunity Corp., whose founder Barry Silbert spoke to CoinDesk about the need for an all-digital currency consultancy:

“There’s certainly a lack of educational material and advisers, whether it’s wealth advisers or accountants, the last thing they want to do is sound dumb in front of their clients, or worse, send their clients to another professional.”

We don’t want you to sound dumb on this topic either, so we’re offering our own crash course in the ins and outs of digital currency through this comprehensive infographic from U.K.-based crowd-sourcing platform Crowd of Angels. Read on to find out who is earning digital currency, where they can spend it and how much all this computer-based cash is worth.