Digia announces Qt Mobile Edition for cross-platform mobile app development

Image via Digia
Image via Digia

Finnish software company Digia has today announced QT Mobile Edition, a cross-platform release that offers developers everything they need to develop and launch mobile applications across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android.

The goal with this release is to offer developers of all sizes the app development software needed to develop apps quickly, within one framework. Digia purchased the full Qt framework from Nokia in September 2012.

Qt Mobile Edition allows for the development and management of apps with support for the Qt-optimized cloud backend service Enginio. Instead of developing their own backend infrastructure, developers can take advantage of Enginio and spend more time focusing on offering great experiences for consumers.

In addition, the platform will offer a commercial license for fast monetization and therefore quicker publishing of apps on their appropriate app stores. Along the way, users can receive help from members of the Digia QT support staff, which is provided as part of the platform’s subscription cost.

“Today’s mobile developers want to produce always-connected apps that not only deliver stunning graphics and native performance, but which can be developed efficiently and easily deployed to multiple platforms and screens,” said Tommi Laitinen, SVP of International Products at Digia Qt, in a company release. “Securing software investments among competing ecosystems is a must-have and the affordable cross-platform nature of the Qt Mobile Edition enables app developers to focus on an amazing UX, rest assured that their code is fully portable and monetize equally in various marketplaces.”

Qt Mobile Edition will launch later this year, following the release of the Qt 5.2 update in December. A trial version of Qt Mobile Edition will be available for users to evaluate its services before making a purchase. More information on Qt Mobile Edition can be found on Digia’s website.