Digg Is After Google Reader’s Power Users

Photo via Flickr / biggraham

When Google announced that Google Reader was shutting down on July 1 , there was a race to find a suitable replacement. While a number of alternatives have popped up the latest to vie for the crown is Digg.

According to a blog post on the company’s site, by June 26 everyone will have access to their new RSS aggregator. The aim of the Digg reader is to easily migrate Google Reader users, give them a clean reading experience that focuses on the articles, images and videos and syncs over mobile. It’s a product aimed at “the power user, the people who depend on the availability, stability, and speed of Reader every day,” the post notes.

What it won’t include at launch is an Android app, integration with Evernote, Buffer or IFTTT, search or notifications.

While the company has said the product will ultimately be a “freemium” product, “All of the features introduced next week, as well as many others yet to come, will be part of the free experience,” the blog post says.