Did you Tweet about the Verizon iPhone 4 Announcement like Everyone Else?

Apple fans and Verizon customers alike were salivating this morning when Verizon announced that it would carry the iPhone 4. You can get the details on Verizon’s website, but before you do, check out what the Twitter-verse has to say about this announcement – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might want to switch to Verizon’s iPhone… or not.

The announcement that should’ve won

We’re just happy this one isn’t a retweet.

Notable quotes

This quote is attributed to Verizon’s president Lowell McAdam… but we’re not sure he is fully prepared for the consequences.

A sigh of relief

We’re happy this Twitter user won’t be spending a night on the sidewalk in the middle of February!

Looking forward to a night in the cold

It’s too bad some people don’t know about the pre-order.

Mass exodus might be good for the masses

Opening up the iPhone to the competition looks like good news for those sticking with AT&T.

Time for an upgrade

Out with the old and in with the new.

Oh the irony!

Good observation, we wonder if anyone at Sprint noticed this too.

iPhone overload

It hasn’t crashed on us yet, but the fail whale might indeed be rearing its big cute head.

Network predictions

This announcement can’t be good for AT&T, but we bet this Twitter user is right – AT&T will be waiting with open arms for anyone unhappy with Verizon.

Coincidence or fate?

Or maybe they’re trying a bit too hard here?