Did The Facebook Vs. Google War Just Take A New Turn?

The latest drama to unfold between Google and Facebook centers around the ability of the search provider to advertise on Facebook's platform.

-Facebook Platform Icon-While Facebook continues to expand its dominance in users, revenues, and valuations, Google is continuing to feel pressure from the social networking behemoth, and the latest drama to unfold centers around the ability of the search provider to advertise on Facebook’s pPlatform.

Earlier this week Facebook formally announced that developers would soon only be able to work with a pre-selected advertising vendor list when running ads within applications. While the change doesn’t go into effect immediately, Liz Gannes pointed out that the list currently excludes Google. This “glaring” omission theoretically means that developers who generate their ad revenue from Google could wind up in a difficult position in a few weeks.

However, it’s still too early to draw any conclusions, as Facebook has written on its site, “We are continuing to work with various ad providers and will add them to the list as they sign the terms.” While we don’t know what those terms entail, we’d assume it has something to do with the general platform policy. After coming under fire for the whole Rapleaf scandal involving selling user data, Facebook is making sure it has policies that keep a firm grip on that activities of platform developers.

While these changes were only expected, Facebook has been implementing many changes in recent months in an effort to crack down on any questionable practices, in addition to increasing the company’s control of money flowing through the app ecosystem. As for whether or not developers will no longer be able to run Google ads, we’d expect Facebook to add the company to the advertiser list in the coming weeks, despite the continued tension between the two companies. What do you think?