Dick’s Sporting Goods Called Sexist…by a 12-Year-Old Girl

giant and dicksIt’s never a good thing when a notable chain gets called out via social media, but unless a few trolls find it, the call out will usually cause little drama and vanish quickly.

A few things create a good viral customer complaint:

1. Something so strange that people just have to read it, then share it. 

2. Something so uncommon about the store that one wouldn’t suspect it to be called out.

3. Something so interesting about the customer doing the call out.

Thank goodness all those stars lined up against a chain with an unfortunate name.

A sporting goods store is accused of being sexist by a 12-year-old girl whose daddy happens to be a sports journalist.

If the sign fits…

Meet McKenna Peterson.

She’s a 12-year-old girl that loves her some hoops. You can imagine she’s an active fan of the WNBA fan and her hometown Phoenix Mercury. And that’s a good thing for her considering that her daddy is Chris Peterson, sports journo of AZ Sports and NBC12 in Phoenix.

There’s McKenna, going through the mail and looking to see if there’s anything that catches her eye. Lo and behold, she found a 2014 Basketball Catalog from Dick’s Sporting Goods in the bundle. Good times, right? Not so much.

McKenna flipped her nimble fingers through every page of the catalog and was surprised to find not one female athlete. Bupkus. Shout out to women’s suffrage. Most 12-year-old girls wouldn’t think twice about that issue, but McKenna is not most girls.

She wrote a letter that is the equivalent of a Susan B. Anthony protest — well-considered, insightful, and concise. The story hasn’t seen much pick-up (only covered in Business Insider and Jezebel at the time of this post), which is probably why Dick’s has been quiet.

Our advice: get the WNBA involved. Get Diana Taurasi involved. That’s when they may wake up and do something. #PRFail in the making.

In the meantime, read this and hope Dick’s Sporting Goods will eventually weep.

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