Devolver Digital Announces Downwell for iOS, Android

The game will see players traveling down a well, defeating enemies with upgradeable gun boots.


Independent developer Ojiro Fumoto and publisher Devolver Digital have announced Downwell, a vertical platformer challenging players to travel as far down into a well as possible without falling victim to various monsters. Coming to mobile and PC later this year, Downwell will see players discovering hidden caves and collecting lost treasures, with no two games being the same.

Downwell offers a unique visual style, consisting of black, white and red graphics. Developer Ojiro Fumoto explained the inspiration behind the game’s simplistic appearance:

Before I started working on this game, I was making one small game per week. In that process, I got into the habit of making graphical assets in a minimalistic style so that I didn’t have to spend much time on them. Downwell was another game that was supposed to be made in a week, and so I began work on it using only black and white assets. I’ve taken a bit more than a week now, so to compensate for that, I’ve added red.

During each game of Downwell, players will use two buttons for moving left or right, and a third to jump. If players press the jump button in midair, they’ll fire their hero’s gun boots.

As players move further into the well, paths will branch off to the left and right. These may contain different gun modules for the boots, bonus gems (currency) or shops for spending those gems on upgrades, including friendly drones. Gems are also found inside the terrain of the environment, and can be collected from fallen enemies.

Fumoto added:

Upon reaching the end of every level you will be awarded one ability upgrade from a randomly selected set of three. [Examples] would be Hot Casings, which makes your bullet shells deal damage, Rest in Pieces, which makes the dead bodies of the enemies explode, or a Laser Sight that aids your aim.

Downwell will launch as a premium app on iOS, Android and PC this year.