Developers Will Soon Be Able To Submit New Apps For Windows Phone Mango

While Apple’s release of Version 5 of iOS will be getting most of the mobile mindshare this fall, it is not the only new mobile operating system release coming this year. Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows Phone, code named Mango, which sounds like might be available for the upcoming Christmas shopping season. If you are interested to learn more about Mango, you can watch a video provided by Microsoft on YouTube.

I think the most interesting parts of the video for our readers come about seven minutes in when Joe Belfiore shows the changes made to e-mail to support conversations, and the addition of groups, which sound similar to Google+ Circles. Another video provided by Microsoft of a live stream broadcast earlier this year shows even more information about the changes in the People hub.

As far as what progress is being made with finishing Mango, Microsoft is telling developers that they can begin submitting apps for Mango in August. Requesting apps to be submitted indicate that Microsoft is working to build the app catalog so that there will be plenty of apps available for users when Mango becomes available.

Along with announcing when developers can begin submitting apps, Microsoft has rolled out a new portal for developers to submit their apps. The portal supports more geographic markets, which means Windows Phone will be available in more parts of the world, provides more private distribution options, and has better application and account management functionality.